There are certain placement areas that seem to be a firm favourite with many first timers and these tend to be done on smaller body parts where the tat will be less noticeable giving the individual the chance to get used to it. One of the most popular locations for these tattoo-virgins, especially women, include areas like the feet and hands so this may explain the continual demand for wrist tattoos. This is not a wide area of skin so designs of this kind tend to be smaller which makes them reasonably inexpensive as there is not a lot of time or work involved which keeps your cash outlay as well as your pain tolerance levels, to a minimum. I mention the latter as this is actually a very sensitive area to have tattooed as the layers of skin on the hands and wrists are much thinner than other body parts so there is little tissue and muscle to protect the bone underneath. These do however look very pretty when done so it is worth experiencing a little bit of pain for a short time if you can bear it, for the end result.

Despite the lack of space available for inking with wrist tattoos, there are different options with regards to the placement so let us take a look at these in more detail before we look at some of the favourite images and styles for this type of body art. The inner part of the wrist, horizontally placed across the veins at the base of your wrist is perhaps one of the most common versions which is in part due to the fact that this can be easier to conceal. In general, your palms tend to be turned inwards more than they are out so this is not going to be on display to the same extent as one on the outer part and it will also last longer as it wont be exposed as much to sunlight, the number one cause of fading in many tattoos. You could also consider a design inked vertically either along the inner or outer edge of the wrist and this is popular with those who are attracted to written tattoos as opposed to picture images, often inked in a foreign script like Arabic or Sanskrit. Alternatively a small motif or symbol on its own looks just as good on the outer centre of your wrist as the inner but this will be much more noticeable although concealing it with a long sleeve or disguising it under a multitude of bangles are an option.

As we are on the subject of bling, as well as hiding your tat beneath a chunky bracelets you also have the option of turning your tattoo design into a permanent piece of jewelry with wrist tattoos that are inked in the style of a bracelet for a similar effect. These tend to encircle the wrist and may resemble a charm bracelet if required however there are many differing designs of this kind available to suit everyone. From soft and feminine vine and flowers to more masculine snakes, flames and barbed wire designs these have been part of a popular trend within the tattooing industry in recent years.