Waist Tattoos

In decades past, anyone considering a tattoo would find a design they liked first and then decide where it was going to be placed however with the phenomenal rise in demand for tattoos there are been a shift in this trend so now the location is often chosen first. One of the reasons for this is perhaps due to the popularity of tattoos, because very few tattoo enthusiasts stop at just one. Once you have had two or three then you have to think more carefully about placement as the more you get, the less free skin you will have available. The ability to cover up your tattoo also plays a part in the location depending on whether you want to display it prominently or conceal for the work environment. There are certain areas that are easier to cover up than others so if you are looking for one that comes under this category then why not take a look at these ideas for waist tattoos? Not only are these easy to keep hidden under clothing if necessary but they are also in an ideal location for a tantalizing flash when you so desire.

This is a popular location with both male and female tattoo fans however the designs chosen tend to differ considerably between the two sexes. While woman want cute, feminine images that look pretty and sexy on their skin while guys want a more masculine design for their waist tattoos. Favorite images for women include flowers, dolphins, a fairy with wings spread, sun, moon and star designs or even a combination of several of these to form part of a larger design. Women also tend to go for smaller more discrete designs than their male counterparts who will usually choose a larger, bolder design like tribal artwork, animals or Celtic images. This kind of tattoo can feature just one image on a certain part of the waist or a more elaborate design covering a wider area, even extending all the way around if you want something that is more individual.

Finally, it is also important when choosing a location for the placement of your tattoo that you remember that not all body parts are created the same so the skin on different location may vary in pigment and may also stretch or contract. This is especially part for waist tattoos as many of us who put on weight will notice it in this area first so make sure you avoid areas that may develop ‘love handles.’ Gaining or losing weight could cause the skin to sag or stretch, distorting or disfiguring your tattoo in the process.

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