Tricep Tattoos

If you are looking for an ideal location on which to place your next tattoo, you really need to think carefully about the size of design you have in mind as some designs work better on either smaller or larger areas of skin. A relatively large sized body art design need a canvas of adequate proportions to do it justice and one of the best areas, has to be the triceps. This is the area along the back and side of the upper arm so it is ideal to show off with pride but also to conceal with just a short sleeved shirt if the occasion dictates. This is also a very versatile area so if this location appeals to you, then you will find no shortage of choice for ideas on triceps tattoos.

Once again, this really depends on your own individual preference whether you want a design that is cool and trendy but not overly different or if you want to go for something that is more daring and out there. If you come under the latter category and really want a design that will make a huge impact then why not consider a robotic arm style tattoo? There are differing variations of this design but if you think Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of the Terminator movies then you are half way there, however there is a great deal of artistic talent required to complete such a design so you will need a skilled tattooist. Basically, the design in inked on the skin so that the tattoo is made to resemble peeling or broken skin with mechanical parts showing ‘through’ underneath to give the impression of a robotic arm. These triceps tattoos can cover just part or the entire arm area, although they tend to look more effective when covering the bulk of the flesh.

Going from one extreme to the other, if you are looking for a design that is more commonly requested but which will still look cool and on trend, then you could consider tribal designs as these are very popular for triceps tattoos. These can be based the artwork of various tribes and civilizations around the world both past and present. From ancient Celtic knot work to Native American geometrical patters or Polynesian artwork and traditional Maori markings, there are an abundance of ideas to choose from.  While each tribe has a different style, most of these designs are abstract and symmetrical patterns inked on the skin in dark grey or black ink for a truly dramatic and eye catching effect.

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