There has been a huge demand in body art for the hand and wrist areas in recent years; however one of the more unusual aspects of this has to be thumb tattoos. Over the past few decades, due to the rise in popularity of tattooing in general it is getting more and more difficult for tattoo enthusiasts to find more unique locations for tattoo placement. Pretty much every body part has been done by now and while some trends come and go more than others, there is very little skin that remains untouched by the tattooist’s needle.

In recent years, there seems to have been a trend among the younger generation for Henna-style designs are ideal body art for the hands and fingers, so these make great thumb designs particularly if you want to extend your tattoo from the thumb down over the back of the hand or onto the wrist. thumb tattoos which emulate a craze that swept through the penal system not that long ago. Young men and women, of different race and cultural backgrounds could be spotted with ink markings on or around the thumb area to represent their membership to a specific street gang.These particular tattoo designs were sported by the hardest criminals in American prisons as a mark of status denoting them to be the baddest of the bad and this trend was particularly popular with Hispanic inmates.Vine and floral designs also work well for these types of design however while these are very pretty and feminine you could replace the flowers with thorns or spikes for a more masculine design.

If you simply want a small discrete image on its own then the thumb is perfect for this because although it is a fairly small area of skin, it is also relatively flat which make it perfect for a tiny tattoo image. This is perfect for a cute and pretty design such as a tiny butterfly, flower or star.

A cross is another image that is used regularly for this location. In some churches members opt for a small cross tattooed at the base of the thumb, particularly those with links to Catholicism while Egyptians view a cross tattooed on the thumb as a symbol of Christianity. However this can also have more negative connotations as it is believed by some that this is also a talisman against Muslim infiltration that could cause damage or harm to the church.

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