There has been a surge in genital tattoo designs in recent years; however these are still fairly rare in comparison to other body parts as many tattooists will not undertake work on these areas. Those that do tend to specialize in erotic piercing and tattoo placement so if the idea of a penis tattoo appeals to you then you may have to travel further a field to find a tattoo parlor that caters to this market. As this is a more unusual area for the tattooist’s needle, it is probably a good idea to find one with previous experience as this is a very intimate and sensitive part of the body so you want to make sure they know what they are doing. Due to the extreme sensitivity, this is most likely going to be a very painful or even agonizing experience so you do not want any mishaps or errors that could scar your manhood for life, do you?

If you think you can handle the pain of a penis tattoo, here is a helpful hint to help you establish exactly how much more sensitive the skin on this area is compared to other more commonly tattooed body parts. Get a pin and prick the end of your thumb with it, as hard or as gently as you wish, then do the same on your arm or leg. If it hurts too much, then you probably do not want to try this on the genital area that you were considering getting tattooed as whatever pain you feel on the other areas, will be enhanced tenfold on or around your manhood. Remember this is also only a fraction of the pain and the time involved in even the smallest of tattoos, but it will give you an idea of how different areas of the body react to the same level of pain. There are different shapes and sizes of designs that can be illustrated on or around the penis and some of these are quite elaborate to say the least. These actually incorporate the penis in such a way that it becomes part of the overall design and also involves tattooing around the pubic area and sometimes even beyond. Popular themes include the obvious elephant face, where the penis becomes the elephant’s trunk, as well as snakes and dragons which use this organ in a similar fashion. Designs like this involve a lot of work and will take a great deal of time to complete as many involve inking the entire area including the shaft and head as well as the scrotum.

If reading this article so far has not deterred you from pursuing your dream of a penis tattoo then this rare – but ultimately true case – may heed as a final word of warning. A man in the United States went to his doctor because he was suffering from a permanent erection. At this point he had already been ‘suffering’ from this condition for over three months and after several tests an infection was ruled out however it was discovered that he had priapism, a medical condition more often associated with the use of stimulants like Viagra which was the result of damage to the blood cells caused by the tattooist’s needle during the tattooing process.