There have been few areas of the body that have remained untouched by the tattooist needle in recent years, however facial areas tend to be rarer than body parts on the whole with the exception of lip tattoos which are popular with women for aesthetic purposes. The origin of lip tattoos can be traced back to the times of ancient Mediterranean and African cultures. It is a primitive type of body art, which was often used by women to enhance the beauty of their lips and give it the perfect look. Over the past decade, the idea of permanent make-up has become a huge part of our modern society with many women jumping on the bandwagon however this concept has actually been around since the start of the 20th Century.

The idea, was to use tattooing to ink permanent eyebrows, eye liner and of course lipstick or lip liner on those facial features that were normally accentuated with the use of make-up. This definition is rendered to the face using coloured inks and the end results can range from very subtle to blatantly obvious however if you are considering lip tattoos of this nature, then there are certain factors to consider. The initial look will indeed appear harsh in some instances due to the pigment from the coloured ink remaining in the outermost epidermal layers of skin to begin with however as the healing process starts, the colour will soften considerably after a few days. This occurs as the upper layers of epidermis thicken and are replaced by new epidermal cells however the long-term results will be affected by other factors which may cause the colour to fade over time. Ageing and skin tones will always affect this type of body art however there are certain lifestyle precautions one can take to ensure that you get as much as possible from yours. Avoiding the sun, or at least covering it in high factor sun cream to limit the exposure is a must for longevity of any kind. However the more natural the original effect is then the more likely it will need touching up sooner rather than later, regardless.

Aside from the cosmetic side of the market, lip tattoos are not commonly requested so there are very few ideas for this style of body art. Most designs of this nature are implemented on the inner part of the bottom lip and involve a tiny motif, symbol or word and these simple designs are often inked in plain black ink. Although it is a small area which leads little scope to create anything very elaborate, it is also one of the most discrete areas to have a tattoo placement as no-one is likely to see it unless you actually want to show it off.