Bicep Tattoos

There are certain locations that are more popular than others when it comes to the placement of body art and some that are more favorable with men or women specifically however bicep tattoos are now widely requested by both sexes. This is in part due to the effects of a visually stunning tattoo design on a muscular area which can really enhance one’s physique and partially because it is a prominent area to display a cool tat. The bicep, as the name suggests, is a two headed muscle located on the upper arm and it is these muscles that flexes the forearm from the elbow. In our modern society, body building and keeping fit in general is not restricted to men so many women nowadays also want to show off their toned physiques just as much as their male counterparts.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular images used for bicep tattoos, most of which will look great on either a male or a female body however while some of the designs may sound more masculine than feminine, most can be adapted either way.  One of the most popular images used in tattooing in general has to be that of the dragon, and oriental style ones at that. These are intricately detailed and elaborate designs that will definitely make an impact, especially when inked around a bulging bicep. They are also rich in symbolism however this may vary slightly depending on whether it’s a Chinese or Japanese design as the cultural meaning will differ accordingly. This also works well as a design for either sex and celebrity endorsements for this particular image has helped improve its popularity with women. Angelina Jolie, a well known lover of body art, sports such a design on her upper left arm and many other women from all walks of life have chosen to emulate her choice of tattoo.

If you are looking for a more feminine design for what has always been a predominantly masculine choice of tattoo placement, you can not go wrong with a floral design. These are pretty and versatile to the extent that you can add other images like butterflies or vines to the flowers and you can have the design inked around your arm for a bracelet effect. A similar idea for guys would be to use a barbed wire design carved around the bicep like an armband, with the addition of spikes or chains for a more manly effect. This looks very effective for bicep tattoos particularly when inked using a dark monochrome ink such as black or grey although you could add just a splash of color here and there if desired.

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