Tattoos are everywhere in our modern society but they have been around for centuries when ancient tribes often used them for rites and customs, most often for spiritual purposes. This could have been to ward off evil spirits, to heal the sick, as a symbol of power and authority as well as a mark of status. Nowadays, we mainly choose body art as a form of self expression, to be part of a growing trend or simply for vanity. However, while most people spend a lot of time considering the image itself, particularly the design style and colors they desire, tattoo placement is actually of equal importance.

There are some designs that work better on certain body parts than on others, for example the star or stars. This looks really cute and pretty on a smaller location like the wrist or ankle but place it on the nape of the neck or beside the belly button then it becomes very sexy and sensual body art. Place such an image on the arm and it will completely lose its effect as it will look lost and a little tacky on a larger more prominent area like that.

Your choice of placement may also be affected by your profession as your employers may not welcome a large prominently placed tattoo in the workplace. A more discrete tattoo placement may be called for if your working environment has a strict dress code that prohibits the display or body art. A smaller design tucked away on a more private part of the body will be much easier to conceal with clothing so this may be more appropriate for some. If you come under this category, facial tattoos would definitely not be an option unless they are of the cosmetic variety as worn by some women for the effect of permanent make-up. In general women have fewer options for discretion as they tend to expose more skin than their male counterparts, as their attire will cover them up more. For example, most women have their arms and legs on display much more than guys so any body art in those areas would have to be very inconspicuous. A tiny fairy or butterfly may be a suitable image as these will still look interesting but won’t

For these people, facial tattoos on men are definitely a no-no. For women, it is acceptable if they are there for cosmetic reasons. But in these cases, it is the women that have lesser options for placement of tattoos since men can have a lot of them covered with their clothing. Women cannot have elaborate tattoos on their legs and arms unless they are in men’s suits. However, an inconspicuous tattoo of a tiny fairy or a symbol or a star tattoo would be accepted as interesting and tasteful rather than unbecoming.

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to tattoo placement is how the ageing process will effect your chosen location. If you got a tattoo on the belly then put on weight it would stretch and distort over the years while in other areas the skin may wrinkle or sag which will also affect the quality of your design. Certain parts of the body such as the biceps will not shrink as much with age while areas like the back will not change much either. Therefore think about how your body will alter over the next ten years before deciding on the ideal place for your design as you will not be able to move it once you have been tattooed. If you put it in the wrong place, this could be a mistake you will regret when you are old and wrinkly as this is going to be a permanent part of your body for life so make sure you get it right.